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     Aloha and welcome to Establishing World Peace!

Group Bonding

"United we stand; 

divided we fall."

  — Greek storyteller Aesop


Note: I haven't yet added info concerning Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine.

    It is difficult to comprehend how 51 authoritarians around the globe could possibly control 2.7 billion of their oppressed citizens. This equates to 53 million exploited subjects per dictator! It is also irrational that the world's governments allocate trillions of dollars to wars in hopes of forcing their adversaries into submission, rather than appeasing and befriending their perceived enemies by investing this money in bringing them advancements that most of us enjoy  such as electricity, plumbing, and running water. To make matters worse, these armed conflicts rarely accomplish their desired goals.


    How can the 2.7 billion suppressed people who live under the rule of these 51 dictators and 4.9 billion people of the free world allow these atrocities to continue in this day and age? This amounts to 7.6 billion people allowing a mere 51 dictators to wreak havoc on humanity. How can we citizens of the free world not help the oppressed citizens of these countries stand up to these 51 dictators, and why can't the world's population settle disputes civilly before they develop into wars by aiding these countries' people instead of killing them? Aren't we intelligent enough to resolve these issues without inciting violence,  even though our perceived adversaries may not be?

    To top it off, many Americans are oblivious to what is occurring on the world stage; democracies around the world are crumbling before our very eyes and descending into authoritarian rule. Communist leaders in China are cracking down on pro-democracy groups like never before and recently shut down every newspaper of their free press. They imprisoned the newspaper's editors and executives and even had the audacity to arrest Hong Kong therapists for a "seditious plot to overthrow the government" for simply possessing cartoon books as their therapy tools.


    The Communist Party of China (CPC) has taken over the curriculum in their schools and determines what the students learn. If you wish to get ahead in society, you must be silent about politics. The CPC desires to not only control what their citizens say  but how they should think. The party has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of anti-Xi Jinping rebels in concentration camps, along with almost two million of their own religious citizens. 

    Under Dictator Vladimir Putin's reign of terror, Russia has invaded and annexed several of our NATO allies. In his quest for world dominance, Putin has revealed plots to genetically engineer "super soldiers" and build more state-of-the-art hypersonic nuclear missiles in order to conquer the U.S. and our allies. Putin has poisoned and imprisoned many of his opposition leaders, has plans of using "limited" nuclear strikes to force the countries he invades into submission, outlawed dozens of opposition and civil society groups, and is now championing the Capitol building insurrectionists as "true patriots who are being wrongly persecuted for 'merely' expressing their political views." Attempting to overthrow a democracy is far from "expressing political views."

    Spreading totalitarianism throughout Europe and Asia will not stop with these continents. Just like what happened in both WWI and WWII, this will soon affect the United States. Before the U.S. was forced to join in fighting these world wars, most Americans were of the opinion that these wars were not our business. This was a critical mistake made twice  shall we let history repeat itself once again? Had we instead immediately joined our fellow countries of the free world, we could have aided in defeating the Nazis of Germany and their allies long before they murdered millions of Jews and hundreds of thousands of our own citizens.


    We must not make the mistake of turning a blind eye to the nations of the free world ever again. World War III would not be a good prospect for our future. If nothing else, Russia and China would rather see our country wiped off the face of the Earth in order to continue oppressing their citizens and retain their power and wealth. If we citizens of the free world help the citizens of China and Russia in ousting these dictators, this would ensure that we will retain our democracy and freedom will spread around the world; doing nothing ensures that democracies around the world will fail. United we stand; divided we fall.   


    For obvious reasons, governments of the free world are not in the business of expelling the world's authoritarian rulers; history has shown us that this strategy has not succeeded in the long run. As such, this is a job for the world's citizens. But, once the strategies discussed in this site's pages are enacted, the barbarities that are imposed upon people who live under authoritarian rule will cease to exist this year with help from the citizens of the free world. 



    Thank you for visiting the website and caring about all of humanity, our planet, and establishing world peace. In the following pages of the site, a considerable amount of information is presented. But isn't it worth our time to create, examine, analyze, and enact new ideas and strategies in order to abolish all dictatorships from around the globe, end all wars, repair the damage that mankind has inflicted upon the planet, and solve many other issues that plague humanity and the planet?

    The effects of climate change, corruption in politics, the trashing of the planet's environment and its ecosystems, and many recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that the time to enact these changes is far overdue. All of these issues are addressed on this website's pages, which contain descriptions of the problems we face and the solutions needed to cure them. Each one of us must help expand these strategies in order to change the face of the world.


    Contemplating the condition of the world forces us to ponder how mankind could have possibly evolved to its current state, and we often feel powerless to right the wrongs of this troubled world. "It's too hard to change things," we tell ourselves. "I am only one person, what can I do amid the mountains of grief, misery, despair, and worries of the world?" Each one of us can do a lot. One person can make a difference; one person can change the world.   


    Each one of us can do our part to create a worldwide paradise where everyone could be content. We can change the way the world operates, and we all must be willing to do everything in our power to assist in bringing about world peace. Idoesn't matter whether you identify yourself as a conservative, a liberal, or as nonpartisan; we must all move past our differences and join together to resolve the issues that confront us, or face a bleak future for humanity, the planet, and all of its creations. Each and every one of us can indeed make a difference.

    “One voice can change a room, and if one voice can change a room, then it can change a city, and if it can change a city, it can change a state, and if it can change a state, it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation, it can change the world. Your voice can change the world.”   — President Barack Obama

    Excuse the language, but we have become damn sick and tired of all of the hate and division that we are seeing in the United States and around the world. Almost every country in the world has citizens that hate each other or the people of their bordering nation. What is the root of all this hatred? Racism, ignorance, differences in culture and religion, lack of trust, stubbornness, and misunderstandings — racism being the main cause of hatred in countries that are predominantly White; White supremacy must come to an end. So what makes today any different than a year or two ago, and why is now the correct time to establish world peace? The answer is seen everywhere — the ramifications of COVID-19.

    After COVID became our new reality, it was obvious to tens of millions of Americans that we not only need to continue addressing our country's problems  but as the world leaders that we are presumed to be  we must also help resolve the issues of the world. COVID revealed that every nation in the world must begin working closely together in order to solve the dilemmas that all of humanity faces. Fear of our enemies, hiding secrets from other nations, building more weapons of mass destruction, and many other obstacles must be overcome to unite the world's people, but we are running out of time to implement these needed strategies.

    Every nation around the globe will greatly benefit beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations after implementing much-needed change. When world peace becomes a reality, innumerable burdens will be lifted from the shoulders of every person on the planet. Almost three billion oppressed people around the globe will be freed from tyranny, and once the world's population unites, the planet's environment and its ecosystems can be saved from the brink of extinction. 


    Our climate is now beyond the "tipping point" that the world's scientists have warned about since 1912 if not earlier. The U.N. recently released a landmark report stating humans have now pushed the climate into "unprecedented territory." We must immediately address and resolve so many issues, climate change being at the forefront. We are intelligent enough to accomplish these intentions, but as of now we lack the collective will to bring about the worldwide changes that our world requires; we can succeed once we unite.


    We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch as 51 dictators and autocrats control billions of their oppressed citizens, democracies crumble to dust, and the planet’s environment and its ecosystems are trashed for monetary gain. Once a new world emerges from the rubble of COVID, the scourge of dictators and authoritarian rule are eradicated from every continent, and all wars become memories of the past, the sky is the limit for our accomplishments. Imagine all of humanity finally joining hands to benefit all of mankind. Establishing world peace is not just a pipe dream; it is our future. 


    Become a part of a historical movement. What we accomplish this year and in the next few years to come will determine the outcome of our futures and the futures of many generations to come. Please take the time to examine the strategies and ideas presented on the site's pages, envision our successes, and assist in transforming these dreams and desires into realities. Particularly scrutinize the plans of action for eradicating all dictators from around the globe and ending all wars. If the proposals do not seem feasible to you, if you believe that they require modifications, or if you possess new ideas, please contribute your constructive input using the info supplied on the contact page. 

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