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Expelling All Dictators and Autocrats From Around The Globe

Team Talk

Those who deny freedom
to others deserve it not
for themselves.

- Abraham Lincoln

Introduction to Expelling Dictators

Note: I haven't yet added info concerning Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine.


    On one predetermined day, all communist leaders, dictators, autocrats, and authoritarians masquerading as “leaders” shall be vanquished from their country’s governments. People around the world have dreamed of their freedoms for many hundreds if not thousands of years. The time has finally arrived for the citizens of the world to join hands and help free all oppressed peoples of the world and allow them to control their own destinies. Wouldn't you want the same for yourself if you were in their shoes?


    Obviously, most of our governments are not in the "dictator eradication" business, so the job is up to the world's citizens. Dictators thrive on the ability to control the will of their country's population and often stay in power for decades unless they die of natural causes or they are assassinated, replaced by a military coup or an invasion, or dethroned by a massive uprising where they face the fury of their own oppressed citizens. Our movement will concentrate on initiating the last two scenarios — military defiance and vast amounts of people marching in protest against their oppressors.


    Believe it or not, we can embolden the citizens of all oppressed nations to expel their own dictators in only two days. In just a moment, strategies are revealed that were given to us by experts on authoritarian rule that reveal exactly how to accomplish this daunting task. Obviously, this sounds too good to be true. But once the citizens of the free world unite in order to bring about monumental change, nothing is beyond our reach. We can change the face of the world in only two days.

    Americans and other democracies must first understand how fragile democracy truly is. Former Deputy National Security Adviser and specialist on authoritarian dictatorships Ben Rhodes stated that upon asking a Hungarian opposition figure how their country had gone from a democracy to a single-party autocracy in only a decade, the man said that it was quite simple. He stated, "Prime Minister Viktor Orban was elected in 2010 as a result of Hungarian voters having an adverse reaction to a financial crisis." As the plot continues, take note that these schemes sound eerily familiar, and they just might be occurring in a country near you.


    Rhodes continued by saying, "Viktor Orban packed the courts with right-wing judges (in just over two years, Republicans appointed over 180 right-wing federal judges), Orban then redrew the parliamentary district lines to favor his party (studies show that Republican gerrymandering of district lines benefited Republicans in 2016, 2018, & 2020), Orban then changed the voting laws to make it easier for his supporters to vote (Republicans have recently gone on a spree of voting law changes around the country and plan even more).


    Viktor Orban then enriched some long-standing companions who bought up the media (over 120 million people in the U.S. saw fake ads from Russian disinformation groups that benefited Republicans in 2016, 2018, and 2020), Viktor created a right-wing media machine that supported him (in our country, the right-wing media machines are Fox News, Newsmax, and newspapers such as the Washington Times and the Federalist).


    Finally, Viktor tied it all up in a "bow of us vs. them," us being the "real" Bulgarians and them being the immigrants, Muslims, and liberal elites such as investor, philanthropist, and Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros (in the United States, the “real” Americans are supposedly the White people, White supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK who support the ex-president. Republicans also promoted hate for immigrants, Muslims, and liberal elites including George Soros!).

    At that moment, Ben Rhodes instantly thought to himself, "This sounds exactly like what has been going on with the Republican party in America!" Upon first hearing the storyline, we should all come to the same conclusion. He then stated, "Oh, by the way, Viktor Orban got his playbook from Vladimir Putin." Putin has also fostered ties with Belarus, India, China, Africa, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Putin was directly involved in initiating the fall of democracy in several of these nations, including Turkey and Venezuela.

   Of course, we all saw that too. Anyone who keeps up with recent politics would see the direct correlation between the Republican party’s current schemes and what happened in Hungary. These plots are not only comparable, but they are also identical. Since both schemes are identical, where do you think the Republican party got their playbook? Obviously, it originated from Putin too, but in our case, it was most likely passed down from Putin through our previous president to our Republican leaders. This proves that our ex-president will do anything to stay in power and out of prison. 


    This is exactly why people are so worried about the right-wing in the United States enacting its corrupt tactics as the right-wing did in Hungary. This is why I stated that our democracy is now in peril too.  Changing the rules of the game to fit right-wing agendas and transforming our democracy into an authoritarian rule is not what our forefathers wanted. In fact, it was their worst-case nightmare scenario.  The founding fathers realized that this could easily happen if a president void of virtue was ever elected.  They just could not picture this ever happening in the United States. Well, it is happening right now. 


    Russia has spread its influence by assisting and propping up authoritarian rulers and regimes around the globe; they also supply military and economic aid to other dictatorships. Rhodes also explained that there is a way to combat these right-wing authoritarian strategies and that the key vulnerability of crooked politicians in this country and authoritarians in Russia is corruption — revealing their corruption exposes their true nature and goals.


    Well, the Department of Justice and our court systems are fighting back against right-wing corruption at this very moment. Putin just doesn’t get it. Here in the U.S., we don’t put up with corrupt dictators implanting their puppets in our government. Our systems of justice are usually nonpartisan, and politics don't play a role in our justice systems, or at least they didn't until the 45th president installed AG Barr into our government and began tearing apart our separation of powers between the Department of Justice and the executive branch of our government. 


    Ben Rhodes also stated that he was firmly anchored in the belief that somehow the citizens of oppressed nations needed to integrate and come together as one cause. This must become our main strategy. But, the stipulation that this must come to a head on one predetermined date must be added to the mix. As he walked his students from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics through a summary based on country after country that had drifted to the nationalist authoritarian right — Hungary, Turkey, Russia, China, India, Brazil  it became glaringly obvious how interconnected these right-wing nationalists were. They all used common tactics, common narratives, and conspiracy theories to legitimize their rule; many of them shared common sources of financing, corruption, and political consultants. 


    Rhodes told that if movements from oppressed countries united, perhaps some of these revolts would succeed, but isolated they would likely fail. This would require an America that had come to its senses while recognizing how much had gone wrong. Ben said that America had helped shape the world we lived in before descending into the cesspool of the previous president's years. He stated that during the last four years, we had a government that was busily radicalizing a large swath of American society, with pockets of the country turning to violence, white supremacy, or an absurd QAnon conspiracy theory that suggests America is being secretly run by a "cabal of child sex traffickers."

    Ben continued by saying, "At precisely the time that progressive forces around the world were under siege, America had absented itself from the defense of the most basic propositions that had once defined it in the eyes of the world: The idea that individuals are entitled to a basic set of freedoms that should be applied equally to all people; the idea that democratic governance will compel a society to organize itself around a common set of facts; the idea that people of different races, religions, and ethnicities can all peacefully coexist by forging a common sense of identity."


    Rhodes concluded by saying, "We did big things. But over the last 30 years, we have lost our grip on that lifeline." It is far past time to regain that grip on our lifeline, pull America away from falling into a right-wing authoritarian rule, and assist other nations in doing the same. Highly-acclaimed Yale University History Professor Timothy Snyder  one of the most insightful people you could ever listen to  stated that the 45th president's "big lie" must soon be debunked, or our democracy may crumble into an authoritarian rule within the next five years.

    As of today, there are 51 dictatorships in the world. Fifty-one corrupt leaders are far outnumbered by 2.7 billion of their abused and exploited subjects who are yearning for freedoms and much-needed change. As stated on the site's "Home" page, this equates to 53 million exploited citizens per dictator! Once a specific date for world change is set, residents of every oppressed nation could begin planning their methods of reform with help from the 4.9 billion citizens of the free world. 

    It must be realized that the citizens of countries do not initiate wars; it is the leaders of countries that start wars. They dehumanize the perceived enemy, provoke hatred and anger, and send our young adults to fight their conflicts of interest. Authoritarians and dictators are usually the ones who initiate or cause wars. Once all dictators and autocrats are eliminated, wars will become travesties of the past. As of this moment, we have the most corrupt dictator of them all — Vladimir Putin of Russia — illegally invading other nations with the end goal of world ascendency. Unless all authoritarians are expelled from around the globe, Russia's quest for world dominance will continue and democracies around the globe will fall.


    In 1991, the Soviet Union formally became the independent state of Russia. Since 1917, the Soviets and Russians have invaded 15 countries. In 2008, Russian military forces seized 20% of their neighboring country Georgia, and their military has occupied these areas ever since. Next, in retaliation for Ukrainians overthrowing Putin's corrupt puppet President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia formally annexed and occupied the Republic of Crimea in March of 2014. Shortly afterward, Russia then invaded our NATO ally Ukraine. The Kremlin has its sights set on conquering Ukraine, and Russia also has ambitions of seizing Belarus.


    Dictator Alexander Lukashenko of bordering Belarus has been in power since 1994 and has close ties with Russia. The two dictators are discussing the possibility of Belarus becoming part of Russia, despite the ongoing revolution in Belarus to oust their corrupt leader — who like Putin — staged a fraudulent election to remain in power. Putin would like nothing better at the moment than taking over the nation of Belarus without firing a shot. Lukashenko is seen as Europe's last dictator, but Putin has shown himself to be more of a ruthless power-hungry dictator than Lukashenko could ever be.


    Dictators and autocrats like Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Xi Jinping of China must gather their stacks of cash, resign from their positions, and fade into the woodwork so that their people can elect their own leaders, or these dictators and autocrats will be vanquished by their own citizens and military — on that one fateful predetermined day.


    A predetermined date to enact these strategies must be set as soon as feasible. Democracies are near the brink of collapse on many continents. Multiple protest marches could be arranged and achieved by the free world's citizens before the final date that the oppressed citizens are meant to march. Many options are at our disposal for a variety of situations and various nations. The countries that would be prime candidates for our strategies are China and Russia; both of these nations have advanced technologies and prosperous economies, and their citizens have been craving their freedoms for numerous years.


    We have reached a tipping point and are out of time — democracy is at stake in so many countries at this very moment. Once the dictators of the world discover our evolution, they will enact plans to oppose our goals. It does not require much time to organize marches around the world, but these "leaders" must not be given time to initiate countermeasures. What does take time is spreading the word about our movement, and this must occur quickly.


    Russia seems to be intent on controlling the world stage, and Putin must be dethroned in order to save democracies around the globe. Russia's ally China has more oppressed citizens than any other nation in the world. Once communism falls in China, a worldwide chain reaction would occur. China’s masses do not dislike Americans; in fact, they look up to us for guidance. Commoners in China, Russia, and North Korea — who are essentially prisoners, and the general population of other oppressed countries concur; they all dream of being like us. Once their citizens catch wind of our plans, they will rejoice at finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


    The citizens of these countries have desired change and their freedoms all their lives and would side with our cause at a moment’s notice. Both Russia — formerly known as the Soviet Union in the 1940s — and China were our allies in WWII. Their citizens still stand in unity with us and would more than appreciate our assistance in freeing their people, but their leaders greatly fear us. They realize that we are their main opposition when it comes to human rights and freedoms. How can we not do more to help the exploited and oppressed people of these countries? We must come to their aid immediately, or more countries will continue to fall into authoritarian rule, and eventually, our democracy will also face extinction.

    History has shown us that as China and Russia spread authoritarianism throughout Europe and Asia, this will not stop with these continents. Just like what happened in both WWI and WWII, this will soon affect the United States whether we like it or not. Before the United States was forced to fight in both world wars, most Americans were of the opinion that these wars were not any of our business. Had we joined the battles earlier, both wars would have ended much sooner, and millions of lives would have been spared.

    If there is one thing that history has taught us, it is that history repeats itself. We cannot let history repeat itself again. Eventually being dragged into World War III would not be a good prospect for our future. Putin and his buddies must be dethroned, and their quest for world dominance must end here and now. If the citizens of the free world embolden the people who live under authoritarian rule to oust their own dictators, this would ensure that we will keep our democracy intact, and freedom would spread around the world. Doing nothing ensures that democracies around the world will fail, including ours. As the age-old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. 


    For obvious reasons, governments of the free world are not in the business of expelling the world's authoritarians. History has shown us that this strategy has not succeeded in the long run. Expelling the world’s dictators is not the job of the world's governments. That’s the job of each country’s citizens, but the free world needs to step up to the plate and advise these people on how they can expel their own dictators.  

    Experts on authoritarian rule tell us that in order to expel these dictators, the world’s exploited citizens must somehow join together in unity, stand up for their rights, and march against their dictators. In just a moment, strategies will be revealed that show exactly how to accomplish this. But, we need to add three stipulations to the expert’s plans in order to ensure our success.  


    First, these protest marches must take place in every dictatorship around the world all at once. Secondly, the people of the free world must also march in unity at the same time that the exploited citizens march in their countries. Finally, every person around the world who opposes these dictators must march in protest on one predetermined date. This includes the free world’s citizens and the oppressed citizens of the world. 


    Setting a predetermined date for initiating worldwide change on such an enormous scale has never been attempted before. This plan of action could be the long-awaited game-changer that China’s 1.4 billion citizens and the abused people of all oppressed nations have been praying for. Some people wrongly believe that China’s citizens like to be controlled. The notion is absurd. Ninety percent of China’s people say that they want to become a democracy. The other ten percent are most likely afraid to voice their opinion. 


    Everyone must realize that people who are governed by authoritarian rule harbor a sense of entrapment and feel powerless to enact change. Their citizens and military personnel alike are afraid to step out of line for fear of retaliation, imprisonment, or even death. This is precisely why we need to set a predetermined date for action, and why the people of the free world must march in unity with these exploited citizens. They need to gain a sense of empowerment as part of a collective unit. The citizens of all oppressed nations need to know that not only does the United States have their backs, but that everyone in the free world will also be supporting them.   

    Oppression continues to escalate in many nations; marches and protests in countries such as North Korea may be out of the question unless their military joins in our evolution. Dictator Kim Jong-Un has recently threatened 15 years of hard labor for simply watching or listening to the South Korean K-pop band BTS, calling it a "vicious cancer." We've seen that anyone who opposes him is imprisoned or executed. In October of 2020, Kim Jong-Un held a military parade, where he unveiled the world's largest portable nuclear missile, which is believed to be capable of reaching any point in the U.S. How many of these missiles does North Korea possess, and how can we sit idly by and allow him to advance his nuclear capabilities?


    As we all know, North Koreans are literally dying to become a free society. Anti-Putin and anti-Xi Jinping protesters have waited for this moment for many decades. The only obstacle the citizens of these countries face is that their military personnel are frightened to act against their leader's desires. If the following plans are enacted correctly, the threat that these dictators pose would disintegrate and become dust in the wind.

    There are multiple reasons why all dictators must be expelled and their autocratic rules transformed into democracies. As stated, authoritarians and dictators are usually the ones who initiate or cause wars. One way our adversaries could trigger a war is by using a nuclear missile that delivers an electromagnetic pulse, or "EMP" to cripple our electrical grid, our communications systems and electronics, and some areas of our defenses. Along with the U.S., Russia and China are capable of causing extreme damage by delivering an EMP; the devastation would be widespread and beyond comprehension.


    In less than a second, these short bursts of energy can produce thousands of volts that could disable our nation's electrical and electronic systems. If a high-altitude EMP attack was conducted at an elevation of 25 miles, the pulse would travel at the speed of light and the blast would extend to a radius of roughly 440 miles  a diameter of 880 miles. Just imagining the results of an EMP blast is quite frightening.


    Utilizing metal shielding, our military equipment, and nuclear silos are protected against an EMP attack, but civilian power grids and electronics are very susceptible to major damage that would require extensive long-term repairs at great expense. If all authoritarians were eradicated, a new world order of peace and prosperity would sweep the globe and the threat of this ever occurring would evaporate. 


Our Plan of Action


    As you read the following strategies, please envision yourself becoming involved in this monumental and historic evolution. Assisting in transforming and shaping the world's future on such a grand scale would forge memories that will not be easily forgotten. Future generations would see our actions as a turning point for humanity and the world we live in. Passing on this website to others could turn tiny sparks into a wildfire that spreads around the globe to thousands, then millions, and eventually billions of people. 


    Every country's military is comprised of fellow citizens, not fellow dictators. The world’s armed forces could easily be made to understand that their sole purpose is to protect their many civilians, not their small number of corrupt leaders. Once a deadline for worldwide change is set, and rumors of upcoming global cooperation to end all dictatorships circulate around the world, nationwide revolts would be anticipated and greatly feared by corrupt world leaders. This does not mean that revolts must be violent; there are many methods of peaceful resistance, and nonviolence is the best strategy.


    These fifty-one corrupt dictators and autocrats would understand that the service personnel of their nations will most likely side with their fellow citizens on that fateful predetermined day, and dictatorships would either relinquish power to their subjects before the date arrived, or face the possibility of losing their power and wealth. Knowing that the whole world is behind the movement, they would take their piles of cash and run like many authoritarians have done before them. All bullies are cowards. Their power and reigns of terror would crumble into dust. 

    In order to eradicate all dictatorships from the planet, oppressed countries’ militaries are the key. Without them rebelling against their small number of dictators, there cannot be world peace and freedom for all. All military personnel and their fellow civilians must understand and keep in mind that everyone around the globe will be uniting on that fated day and will all be working together to end the problems that we all face.

    Jean-Baptiste Gallopin  a Yale University historical sociologist and an expert in revolutions and social movements  presented the following scenario; his concept is paraphrased here in simpler terms and uses Vladimir Putin as the dictator in need of removal: Envision Russia in the middle of a full-blown uprising, where hundreds of thousands of protesters fill not only the streets of Moscow but every major city in Russia. It becomes obvious that Putin and the Kremlin can no longer count on their riot police officers to control the many seas of protestors.


    Putin assembles his reserve armed forces, who carry rifles with live ammunition. These men have little to no training or experience in crowd control, and they face a very difficult decision; they can follow orders, which they know will result in extensive bloodshed, or they can avoid their duty and face court-martial or even death. 


    Just the thought of being forced to murder thousands of innocent civilians turns their stomachs inside out, and the soldier has two choices: Obey the orders given by his government's military officers, or serve the wishes of the nation's citizens. The soldier's thoughts rapidly turn to his fellow servicemen — the nation's military personnel — and he realizes that he's not alone in his predicament.


    He begins to ponder whether his colleagues will follow their orders. From this lack of faith arises the possibility of his own disobedience, and he begins to believe that a defiant revolt is indeed necessary in order to save the lives of his people and bring about peace and democracy to his country. But, one factor may determine his decision.


    Military and police mutinies  such as what the citizens of China and Russia desire  hardly ever break out during small demonstrations. But, revolts assuredly happen during revolutionary uprisings when vast amounts of people are involved, especially when these revolts make large-scale murder the dictator's only alternative for survival. As such, rebellions that start during uprisings  where a vast amount of the country's people revolt  often spread like wildfire throughout the military and security forces. 

    This train of thought says that protesting alone will not topple a dictator — the military must also rebel.    In our scenario, the soldier and his companions will undoubtedly revolt once they know that they are backed by not only the vast number of their country's citizens and their fellow servicemen, but they will be supported by most of the world’s population.


    This is precisely why the world's population must initiate world peace on one predetermined day. By implementing the strategy of expelling all dictators at once on one predetermined day, these soldiers would not only be backed by vast numbers of the country's oppressed people but they would also be supported by all citizens of the free world who have their backs.

    One final piece of the strategy must be added to the plan. The citizens of the free world must march alone in support of the oppressed citizens of the world on the day before the predetermined date arrives. So, basically, let’s say on a Saturday — billions of the free world’s citizens would march in their own countries in support of the oppressed people of the world ousting their dictators, and the next day on Sunday all of the world’s citizens would march in protest against all dictators.


    Marches on the second day would include all citizens of the free world and all citizens of all exploited nations. Once the exploited citizens of the world see most of the free world’s population marching against all dictators on the day before they are set to march, they would be more emboldened to revolt and march in protest on the following day with all of the world’s people. 


    Anyone who has served in the military knows how militaries control their personnel. The mind control begins in boot camp and doesn’t stop until your tour of duty ends. Once the militaries who serve under dictators see that the whole world’s population is marching against all of the world’s dictators at once, and these marches include their fellow countrymen, these militaries could break away from the mind games that are used to control them, and they would be emboldened to oust their own dictators in order for their countries to become free democracies. 

    We must ensure that the citizens and militaries who live under authoritarian rule understand that all democracies are in now peril of losing their freedoms, and this will not change until all dictators are expelled from power. These commoners must all comprehend that if the democracies of the free world fail, their people may never become free. Since the United States is the glue that binds all free democracies around the world, if our democracy collapses due to right-wing agendas, the world may fall into communism and their leaders would become kings, who may possibly rule for centuries if not longer. Marching with the free world's population may be their last hope for gaining their freedoms — possibly forever. 


    So, after hearing these strategies, don’t you think the citizens of the free world would be willing to watch this video, pass it along to others, and then march for an hour or two on a Saturday and Sunday in order to help free almost 3 billion oppressed people? The free world’s citizens would also know that their actions would keep their own freedom and democracies intact, plus, getting involved would change the world forever and finally establish world peace. Getting involved now on a weekend is far better than being dragged into WW3 later. The next world war may involve nuclear weapons and an invasion of the United States.  


    And secondly, isn’t it obvious what would happen, if almost every citizen of the free world marched in protest against all dictatorships on one day, and the very next day, both the free world’s citizens and the world’s exploited citizens all marched together in order to embolden the militaries of all oppressed nations to expel their own dictators? We should be sure that when 8 billion citizens of the world march the militaries of exploited nations would be emboldened to oust their own dictators and historic change would finally occur. 


    Let's look at this strategy from the perspective of the oppressed citizens who would be marching. First, they hear the news about the planned marches around the world. Hope fills their thoughts, which quickly turn to fear. They wonder if they march in protest, will their fellow citizens also stand up for their freedom? Their minds would then experience the same sequence of rationale as their military would!


    The principal objective of this evolution is freeing the people of China and Russia. Once dictators fall in these countries, a chain reaction would sweep the globe. Their citizens have been craving their freedoms for most if not all of their life; these people would indeed follow the lead of their militaries. Every citizen of the free world must support and march in protest of the exploited and suppressed peoples of the world.  Removing all dictators from power on one fateful day will benefit every single person on Earth. Everyone must take the time to show their support for finally freeing the victimized citizens of the world. When the free world's population marches on one predetermined date, monumental change will occur.

    Some autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping would be more willing to relinquish their power if they were given an "out" — a reason for leaving peacefully. If they could remain in their countries as high-class citizens, they would feel less threatened to leave their positions and could still retain part of their wealth. Preserving some of their wealth may be tolerated in order to accomplish a peaceful transition of power, but their ruthless dictatorships must end.


    Once dictators discover our movement's plans and then analyze and comprehend the intended outcome, a good start for these dictators would be to immediately initiate reforms and allow truly free elections in order to elect leaders of the new democracy's choice. Their only alternative would be to desperately attempt to cling to power and face the possible consequences, including death or flee their country to a place where they would be forced to hide for the remainder of their lives. This would not be a very good prospect for their futures, and these dictators would most likely prefer another resolution.

    In November of 2016, China began construction of venues in Beijing in order to host the 2022 Winter Olympics; all venues were expected to be finished by the end of 2020. Over 180 advocacy groups signed and sent a letter to Chinese officials threatening to boycott the Olympics. It should be noted that Beijing was the infamous hot-spot site of the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square, where protesters faced off with their military's tanks. Over 200 citizens were killed and over 10,000 were arrested. This is precisely why the militaries of these countries must side with all of their fellow citizens.


    China retaliated with its own threats against any bans on the Winter Olympics, warning Washington not to boycott. If China's leaders want their country to remain a part of our global community, they must be shown that hosting the world's Olympics will not be allowed while they oppress their own citizens. A boycott of the Olympic games could very well be made until change occurs on human rights issues. This may open their eyes to the reality that the world is growing weary of the exploitation of their people and their failure to remain a free democracy as they were in the 1980s.

    Charles Dobson of stated that the main objectives of a peaceful evolution are "to eliminate tyranny, create a new system of self-governance, gain equal rights for all citizens and establish the rule of law, and to weaken the death grip of those in power, while also winning over the general public." He said that nonviolence is always the best strategic and moral choice, and violence usually ends in disaster.


    Dobson continued by saying that the most defiant groups that resist change are those who benefit from a dictatorship, such as the military, law enforcement, and wealthy high-class citizens. As long as these people are rewarded for their allegiance and persist with their support, an oppressive government can stay in power. But once the common folk and elites withdraw their support, and the law enforcement and military decline to use force to crack down on the opposition, a dictator's days are numbered.


    If these reforms are implemented correctly, revolts could succeed without firing a single shot. Violent opposition most often leads to a drawn-out stalemate or extended civil war. On the occasion that some dictators refuse to relinquish their power and continue to maintain a grip on their military, these countries could be completely isolated from the world until their armies finally revolted against their leaders, which would eventually occur after seeing the remainder of the world rid themselves of their country’s dictators and authoritarians. Sure, the United States has become dependent on China for many of its products, but the last thing China wants is to force Americans to once again manufacture and produce their own goods.

    We must make this next point perfectly clear to the world's dictators and authoritarians. They must realize that whether the citizens of the world continue to lead this evolution to eradicate all 51 dictators from around the globe or not — once this plan of action is set in place — nothing will stand in the way of these dictators being expelled from their nation's government; fifty-one dictators and authoritarians are no match for several billion of oppressed citizens who crave their freedoms.


    Dictators must also realize that when the predetermined date arrives for the removal of all autocrats,  dictators, and authoritarians, the world's population will rise up and protest in every major city throughout the world; protests will not be limited to oppressed countries. Citizens of the free world must participate in protests around the globe on a predetermined date. When the citizens of all oppressed countries see vast amounts of the world's population come out in support of the removal of their dictators one day earlier, all of these citizens will be emboldened and empowered to rise up on the next day.


    If China or Russia's leaders attempt to retaliate against the citizens of the free world — say for instance they decide to initiate wars with us or our NATO allies — their country's people would only become more outraged and further empowered. These oppressed people have had enough of rulers stealing their freedom and would rise to the occasion and continue with their plans of revolting against these oppressive dictatorships.


    Will these 51 dictators and autocrats be willing to risk their lives and put their wealth at stake too, just to wait and see if their militaries remain loyal to them while almost every citizen in their country rebels against them, knowing that this evolution is occurring around the globe? Only if they are buffoons, which most likely they are not — or are they indeed ignorant fools? If so, they would be crushed like the cockroaches they have become by their own militaries.

    Until all dictators are removed from power, opposition forces in other countries must apply repeated pressure and utilize a variety of strategies, such as keeping their fellow citizens informed by distributing pamphlets and leaflets, organizing and taking part in marches, staging mock elections that reveal the people's true desires, boycotting various products or institutions, making public speeches, wearing of symbols, and orchestrating large public gatherings where people carry out "flash mobs," where protesters perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, which is commonly coordinated by means of the internet or social media.


The Corruption of Dictator Vladimir Putin


    COVID has specifically brought several corrupt world leaders into the spotlight, many of whom have extensive ties to the Kremlin. These autocrats must be dethroned in order to stop Russia’s craving for world dominance and bring about world peace. First in line is Vladimir Putin, who has a long track record of corrupting their and other governments, controlling Russia's citizens, dividing America, and alienating all our WWII allies, while befriending our worst communist enemies. He of all dictators must be one of the first to go; Putin continues to interfere with democracy in every country that possesses the power to impede or stop his conquest for world dominance.

    In a recent speech to Russian citizens, Vladimir Putin stated that Russia desires to modernize its nuclear arsenal and that its military would continue to build more state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles and other nuclear weapons. This is the exact opposite of what the world requires to deescalate the possibility of nuclear war. Putin also recently told a youth group that by using "CRISPR editing"  a genetic engineering technique  he can genetically engineer super soldiers that would be resistant to radiation, they would be less susceptible to fear, and far less compassionate. This scenario belongs in a mad scientist movie and reveals his passion for world ascendency.

        On November 15th of 2021, Russia conducted an anti-satellite missile test and blew up its own satellite, creating a cloud of debris that will remain in orbit for decades, posing a significant threat to the International Space Station and other spaceflight activities. Why would they do this unless they’re practicing to destroy our satellites? 


    Russia is also proposing to "escalate to de-escalate," a supposedly new Russian strategy to use limited nuclear strikes in local and regional conflicts, where the use of conventional weapons is escalated to small nuclear conflicts that are meant to shock an opponent into brokering peace. Just envisioning this is enough to make Putin's removal from power a top priority; we can't allow another repeat of the horrific aftermath that the world witnessed after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.


    Dubbed the Puppet Master, Putin has extensive ties to other communist presidents and has incited hate, division, and racial tensions throughout the world, and is currently implanting corrupt leaders around the globe as his pro-Russian forces invade our NATO ally Ukraine. He has imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny since January, and protests against Navalny's imprisonment have forced Putin to withdraw most of his forces that were amassed on the border of Ukraine; this proves that protests and public outcry can result in monumental change and bolsters our movement. Putin is not our buddy as some traitors would suggest; he is our deadliest mortal enemy. 

    In August of 2020, Russian opposition leader, lawyer, and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny was hospitalized after being poisoned by Putin's people with the Russian nerve agent Novichok. Navalny had previously been placed on probation for opposing Putin; during the time that he was unconscious in a hospital after being poisoned, he missed his mandatory probation check-in appointments. In January of 2021, he returned to Russia and was immediately imprisoned by Putin for failing to meet the requirements of his probation. Navalny centered his argument on an anti-corruption campaign, which is any dictator's weak spot  it's their Achilles heel. Exposing Putin's corruption will dethrone "the king with no clothes."


    Russia has stepped up its corruption since then by outlawing dozens of opposition and civil society groups. On June 1st, Putin pulled the leader of the opposition group "Open Russia" from a plane and locked him up; the group then dissolved due to the new laws that Putin had imposed. During the same week, Putin also arrested and imprisoned former parliamentarian and opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov. Upon his release, Dmitry was told that he would be liable for arrest again if he continued to oppose Putin and that the next time he was jailed, his family would be imprisoned along with him. Dmitry fled to Ukraine so that he can continue his opposition without his family being imprisoned and tortured.

    As another example of Putin's attempts to spread corruption around the globe and install his puppets into other governments, Putin is now "championing" the people who stormed the Capitol building on January 6th, where rioters attacked 140 police officers and beat them with fire extinguishers, American flag poles, clubs, and ironically with "Blue Lives Matter flags" with metal flag poles.


    As a result of the coup, six people lost their lives  five were policemen — four cops took their own lives because they couldn't escape the daily horror and reoccurring visions that they've endured since January 6th. The lives of hundreds of Congressmen were at stake, and Vice President Pence narrowly escaped being lynched by the insurrectionists. This coup was far from a "peaceful protest" as right-wing propaganda news outlets state.


    Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia is "very worried" about these rioters who are being "persecuted." Lavrov states that these rioters and murderers have been charged with "opposition" crimes, which should be illegal. This is quite the bold statement, coming from a tyrannical government that imprisons opposition leaders. Opposing an authoritarian rule is a far cry from inciting an insurrection to overthrow a democracy and reinstall an ousted wanna-be dictator like his comrade Putin.

    Unless Putin is stopped soon, Russia wins and the world's population suffers unimaginable consequences from the complete collapse of our democratic societies to Russia fulfilling its craving for world ascendency. A great start would include peacefully removing Russian forces from both Ukraine and Crimea. Until 2014, a country had not militarily invaded one of our NATO allies since WWII.


    If Putin and the Kremlin succeed in conquering Ukraine, Belarus will be next. Which of our European allies will follow as their next target, and when will it be our turn? Obviously, Russia's principal objective is destroying America from the inside out — we are his most worthy adversary. We are the only nation that stands between him and his goal of completing his quest for world ascendancy. Once democracy falls here,  the Kremlin wins and the world and the planet would never recover. Putin is now fearful of losing power. As a result, he has been emboldened to crack down on his opposition more than ever before.


    Putin's handy work of undermining democracy in the U.S. and dividing our citizens is rapidly crumbling. Most of the corruption that Putin has enacted in the U.S. was accomplished by using our conservative right-wing "leaders" and commoners as pawns. The new DOJ will have its hands full deciding upon who will be prosecuted and when. Even the ex-president has regretted that Putin installed him as his American puppet.

China's Communist Leaders and Their Rebel Protesters

    China's President Xi Jinping and communist leaders have now followed in Putin's footsteps and ramped up their persecution of citizens seeking their freedoms. Young Chinese adults say that their government has so much control over their people that they have taken over the curriculum in their schools and determines what the students learn. Their communist leaders want to control not only what their citizens say, but how they should think. If their people want to get ahead in their society, they have to be silent about politics.  


    Five hundred police officers invaded the offices of a Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper called "Apple Daily," which is the only pro-democracy newspaper left after China's crackdown on free journalism. The police searched their laptops, notebooks, and computers, froze the newspaper's assets and money, and arrested five top executives; they then arrested another columnist the next day. 


    As such, Apple Daily announced that they are shut down, since they cannot run a newspaper without funds, supplies, or pay their employees. The newspaper usually sells roughly 80,000 copies each day, but it printed and sold over one million copies of its very last publication by 8 am on June 24th. It shall remain to be seen what anger and ramifications result from this attack on Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, but one thing remains clear. China's 1.4 billion oppressed citizens are rapidly approaching a boiling point where they will no longer tolerate what they have been forced to endure. Once they realize that the whole world is behind their cause, nothing will impede their forward momentum.

    In late July, China used nine people in New Jersey to threaten a married Chinese American couple. They told the couple that if they did not return to China to face punishment for being "dissidents," their family members in China would face the consequences. As a result, the nine people were indicted and arrested by the U.S. Department of Justice as illegal agents of China. Tensions are building between China and the U.S.; where this leads is yet to be seen.


    While this was occurring, China imprisoned five members of the General Association of Hong Kong Therapists on charges of "sedition" for inciting rebellions, saying that children's books they use as therapy tools have "seditious content" that is intended to overthrow their government. The association's assets were frozen and the group was disbanded. The cartoons in one of the books show wolves who are invading the sheep's territory trying to eat sheep. Apparently, Chinese officials believe that the wolves represent them and the sheep are their nation's oppressed citizens. 

    At the same time, Chinese courts refused to set bail for five pro-democracy journalists that worked at the Apple Daily newspaper who were all arrested one month earlier. Charges are "conspiring to collude with foreign forces to endanger national security" and are politically motivated to suppress freedom of speech.

As a result, the U.S. government warned our country's businesses that doing business with Hong Kong is unsafe; China retaliated by putting sanctions on American citizens. Hong Kong democracy activists are now asking the U.S. to offer them asylum as they did with protestors after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. Democracy activists, the free press, and civil society members in China are now being hunted down one by one. 

    A specialist on authoritarian dictatorships Ben Rhodes stated that Americans should realize that we have prioritized profits and open markets with China over human rights in the last 30 years, and we must decide where our values lay; being tough on China has always been a bipartisan issue, but what members of the Republican Congress do is yet to be seen. Rhodes also stated, "This is the kind of future that we must push back on and that the rebuke should be a multi-faceted effort across governments working with allies and needs to be sustained for years to come."  


    In October of 2018, our previous president told China's President Xi Jinping that "building concentration camps for millions of Uighur Muslims was exactly the right thing to do,” because the ex-president despised Muslims, used them as his patsies, and had inappropriately clumped them all into one negative category as terrorists. Most of the 1.9 billion Muslims in the world are peaceful, including the 3.3 million Muslims who are American citizens; Islam is the third largest religion in the USA. This statement made by our former president brought the unjust imprisonment and oppression of millions of China’s citizens to the world’s attention.


    These concentration camps in China also imprison hundreds of thousands of anti-Xi Jinping rebels and possibly many more. It is estimated that up to 1.8 million have been detained so far. At this very moment, an anti-Xi Jinping revolt is spreading across China and Asia. Major revolutions against communism in China have been reoccurring at a more rapid pace starting in 1989, then again in 2012, 2016, 2019, and once again in 2020 — Hong Kong becoming the latest battlefield.


    These citizens deserve to enjoy the benefits of freedom. If Hong Kong protestors are willing to chance imprisonment or death to establish freedoms in their country, then how can we not do more for them and our own democracy when it is written right there in our founding father's documents? We have learned from history that intervention by force only aggravates the situation; this is why the world's population must help the citizens of exploited nations free themselves from authoritarian rule. 

    Xi Jinping has been telling their troops to ready themselves for war since October 2020.  In November of 2021, President Biden raised concerns about human rights abuses and China’s “unfair trade and economic policies.”  Xi said that American support for Taiwan was “playing with fire,” and warned that dividing the world into alliances would “inevitably bring disaster to the world.” With both China and Russia recently inciting acts of war, the time has come for their own citizens to remove them from power. Neither their citizens nor military personnel wants any part of another world war.


    As of today, China continues cracking down on protesters in Hong Kong as their communist leaders test the waters to see how the world reacts. So far, public outcry has been muffled by the issues each nation now faces concerning COVID. We are multi-tasking lovers of democracy. We must not let our country's problems impede China’s quest for democracy; we can strive for change both here and abroad at once. If China refuses to relinquish its dictatorship status and become a democracy, China’s government would quickly reverse its stance after Americans and all other countries boycott most of China’s products. 


    When it becomes obvious that communism will fall in China on a specified predetermined date, other nations controlled by dictators and authoritarians will follow suit. Setting a predetermined date for enacting worldwide change has never been attempted before; this plan of action could be the long-awaited game-changer that China’s 1.4 billion citizens have been praying for. It is almost unimaginable that a handful of China's authoritarians rule 1.4 billion of their oppressed citizens; utilizing their military and the world's help, this atrocity could end soon. 


The Corruption of Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil

    We also have Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to contend with, who doesn't believe in wearing masks or social distancing, oppressing his people, playing the role of a true tyrant, and trying to steamroll his anti-indigenous and disastrous environmental policies of flattening the Amazon Rainforest. The destruction of 20% of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil alone should have brought about worldwide protests, but we have become helpless bystanders and believe that our voices are meaningless.


    Over 200,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest are being burned every single day, while biomass plants around the globe masquerading as green energy plants are eradicating the world’s forests and using old shredded tires to keep the green wood ablaze. These forests are the lungs of our planet; these atrocities must halt, and time is of the essence. If nothing else, all nations must unite to purchase what is left of the Amazon Rainforest from Brazil.

Debunking the 45th President's "Big Lie"


    As previously stated, Yale University History Professor Timothy Snyder — an expert on the history of anti-democratic movements and totalitarianism in Europe — stated that if the previous president's "big lie" is not debunked soon, democracy in the U.S. will fall within the next five years. The previous president's lies and misinformation on the big lie, his corruption, and his lawlessness must be exposed and taught to his loyal supporters; they must be deprogrammed and brought back to reality.


    A recent poll shows that 78% of Republicans now believe that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from the ex-president, despite zero evidence of this happening. Texas Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick offered a $1 million reward for finding any evidence of voter fraud. Nobody has collected the reward since no fraud was found except for several Republicans who voted twice for the ex-president.  


    63 lawsuits were filed and lost by the ex-president's campaign, including decisions made by the conservative-led Supreme Court. Most of the cases were dropped by the judges as soon as the cases made it to court. Their case’s baseless claims were said to be “frivolous and without merit.” The cases that were heard were laughed out of court. Even the far-right QAnon Cyber Ninjas who did the Arizona recount found zero evidence of voter fraud, and that Biden won by a larger margin than was originally tallied. 


    One country, in particular, wanted our ex-president to come into power. Both the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee and the Mueller Report concluded that Russia helped elect our 45th president. Over 100 contacts between Russia and the ex-president's campaign were listed in Mueller’s report, citing names, dates, times, and places. The ex-president even told his supporters to read Mueller’s report, because he knew that none of them would. Did any of them read it? Nope. But many of us did. It’s easy to see that Russia helped elect the ex-president to further Russia’s goals of world dominance. 

    MSNBC news host Joy Reid stated, "a religion is where your savior dies for you; a cult is where you are asked to die for your savior." The ex-president's staunch supporters are completely oblivious to the fact that they have existed in a cult following for years. He has not asked them to die for him — yet — but many of them are willing to do so. Is the previous president willing to die for his supporters? The notion is absurd. This says that they are indeed in a cult; this cult must be disassembled from the top down.


    One strategy to combat this catastrophe is to immediately raise and offer at least a $2 million reward to anyone who can find a single lie in a televised presentation. The video would reveal the main sequence of events that occurred during the previous presidency and unveil facts that his supporters have not been told, which culminate in a finale of debunking his "big lie" voter fraud conspiracy theory. 


    Everyone must be able to visualize what truly occurred under his presidency, beginning with video clips showing parallels between Hitler's symbolism of his red Nazi flags to that of seas of red MAGA hats, the methods that Hitler used to brainwash and con his followers compared to those of the previous president, and Putin's influence of spreading communistic values around the globe.


    People must be taught factual events and see the lawlessness and corruption that they have not been shown by right-wing propaganda media outlets. The 45th president's supporters must comprehend how and why they have been used as pawns by Vladimir Putin to accomplish his dreams to divide, conquer, and destroy America from the inside out and transform our democracy into an authoritarian rule. They must be shown the many reasons and events that prove the ex-president is in Russia's front pocket.


    Facts and narrated video clips could be presented that reveal: Putin's history of invasions; his desires for world dominance; why and how he put the 45th president in power; what the previous president did to assist Putin's conquest; the 170 contacts between Russia and either the previous president or 18 of his associates that are listed in the Mueller report; and eventually reveal the facts concerning his "big lie" on voter fraud.

    If nothing else  during the quest to earn the $2 million reward  the previous president's followers would be forced to research the facts presented, or at a minimum, they would face the reality that they may have been conned by the most amoral, corrupt, lawless, racist conman of all time. We must all believe in the lessons that History Professor Timothy Snyder has bestowed on us; the big lie must be debunked soon. If anything will sway these people's opinions and beliefs, visualizing the 45th president's corruption and seeing how it is directly tied to Puppet Master Putin should do the job. But as the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."


    People must comprehend that overthrowing our government and transforming our democracy into an authoritarian rule helps no one but Putin. Instead, everyone must let the remainder of this debacle play out in federal court, knowing that our courts are comprised of both conservatives and liberals. Everybody must also understand that the military answers to the government, not to the ex-president or his militia.


    If these "militants" attempt to initiate another civil war to reinstate their king, our military would step in and swiftly clean up the mess. Army General Mark Milley stated he feared that this would be required after the previous president formed a coup in hopes of retaining power. He knew that if the ex-president was not reelected, unless he somehow staged a coup to remain in power, he would face prosecution for his lawless actions performed before, during, and after his presidency ended.


    The previous president's supporters must see that: Democracy depends on them facing reality; if your party involves Nazis you are on the wrong side, and everyone involved with the insurrection is being prosecuted. These people must be shown that another president shall never again be allowed to control their followers as he has done to them. American politics should never involve Nazis, White supremacists, or obsessed cult followings that desire to overthrow our government in order to reinstate a reality TV star, and any disputes from here should be handled by our justice systems and the Department of Justice. 


    Obviously, the information presented on this site has alienated the ex-president's staunch followers. But, millions of Republicans have come to grips with reality and dropped him as their leader  these intelligent citizens may join our evolution. The rest of his supporters are lost causes for now. These people have been programmed to deny climate change exists, despite the fact that changes in our climate that normally occur over many hundreds of thousands of years are occurring in only decades.


    The previous president's supporters also believe healthcare for all is "socialism" despite the fact that the United States is the only industrialized nation without it and we pay more per capita for lesser quality healthcare, on and on. These people care only about themselves and can't put themselves into the shoes of others  especially the shoes of people of color.

    On August 19th, 2021, a "mad bomber" parked his truck near the Library of Congress in D.C., and while live streaming on Facebook, he stated he had bombs that he would detonate if his demands weren't met. These expectations included reinstating the ex-president and President Biden resigning, among other insane requests. The man was arrested, charged, and held without bail until a psychological evaluation could be completed. This type of homegrown terrorism will continue until the big lie is debunked.


    As of April of 2021, only 21% of the U.S. population had a "very positive" opinion of the 45th president. This figure has dropped each month as more of his criminal activity surfaces, more insurrectionists are prosecuted and imprisoned, and more of them discover that they have been conned. When will Republican leaders realize that clinging on to the ex-president's "big lie" only helps destroy our democracy and that he will never hold office again? Possibly after we deprogram his followers using facts that their constituents have not been told by right-wing propaganda news channels, and the ex-president's prosecution has begun by our nonpartisan systems of justice. 


    These people will not assist our evolution; they will mock it like they do everything else that helps the world's population. Their "Me first, us first, America first" motto says it all. Until they change their ways of thinking, they can't help themselves, let alone assist in saving democracy, ridding the world of dictators and wars, saving the planet and all its inhabitants and lifeforms from destruction, and establishing world peace. Our plans must proceed without them; once they reevaluate their stances, they can join us at any time.


Conclusion on Expelling Dictators 


     One of our movement’s end goals would be to further incorporate the governments of our allies in order to address common issues.  After our evolution succeeds, the United Nations Council would become even more of a unifying entity than it is now. As stated in its charter, one of the purposes of the United Nations is "to achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character."


    Once all nations of the world begin working together as one true democracy, the United Nations Council would become a force to be reckoned with, and massive change would sweep the globe. The years 2021 and 2022 must be remembered as the date that humanity finally awakened and took control of the destinies of over 2.7 billion exploited and oppressed citizens of our world. 

    After all authoritarians, autocrats, and dictators are dethroned, every citizen of every nation would be free to become a part of their country’s leadership. Eventually, all races would live in harmony, everyone would treat each other with respect, we would all see each other as equals, and all lives would truly matter.

The world's governments would work in unison instead of secrecy, nothing would be hidden from their citizens or other nations, and every human being on the planet would have access to the basic necessities that many of us take for granted.

    One man from the mid-1500s foresaw our successes. The man's name was Michel de Nostradame, more commonly known as Nostradamus. He wrote hundreds of prophecies in the form of obscure four-line verses called "quatrains," many of which can be correlated to numerous historical events. But this quatrain is different. It is not shrouded in mystical secrecy as all of his other verses were; it is quite the opposite of obscurity. It contains precise details that cannot be easily dismissed. It distinctly describes our present dilemmas and addresses their expected outcomes to a tee. His prediction was as follows:

The transformation will be very difficult.

Cities and provinces will gain from the changes,

Their hearts held high, prudence reestablished, the cunning ones expelled.

The sea, the land restored, as human harmony awakens.

    Whether or not prophesy is feasible is not the question. Many people will brush it off as merely being foresight, but this information may embolden others. It is quite astounding that a man from the mid-1500s could predict or foresee that someday our oceans would be converted into garbage dumps and our lands would become toxic and hazardous. After all, in those days it was almost unimaginable to travel across the world's lands and the vastness of its oceans, let alone imagine that we would someday trash and destroy them. Most people would venture to say that having this amount of "insight" in the mid-1500s would have been utterly impossible.

    The quatrain describes our difficult challenges, the results of our efforts, and the feelings we will possess after accomplishing our mission. Two statements are especially worthy of attention; expelling the cunning ones, which are obviously the world's dictators, and restoring the seas and lands. Knowing that the goals described on this website may indeed be fulfilled, may give many people hope to trudge forward and assist in completing our plans and bringing about the destiny that the planet, its creations, and its inhabitants all deserve.


    The final lines of the quatrain also reveal our successes in uniting the world's population and everyone around the world finally living in harmony. Whether one chooses to believe that this quatrain is prophetic or just an excellent educated guess is up to each individual. The fact still remains that if Nostradamus can "foretell" or even envision the fulfillment of these achievements, so can we.

    Expelling all authoritarians, autocrats, and dictators from the world stage would also make it much easier to tackle the issues that the world faces such as ending all wars and conflicts, which would save trillions of dollars a year in defense costs alone. Other problems could be better addressed such as reversing the damage mankind has inflicted upon the planet and all its creations, focusing on climate change, world hunger, deforestation, and much more. Please join our evolution and compel others to unite with us. The planet and our future generations are counting on all of us; let's not disappoint both them and ourselves.

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