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Resolving All Armed Conflicts

American War Cemetery

Ending the Atrocities of War 


 All wars must end shortly after this predetermined day. Which is less costly with better results; building weapons of mass destruction, waging never-ending wars, and paying innumerable defense costs, or attending to the problems faced by one’s own nation, while also advocating and funding advancements in less developed countries that are currently perceived as our enemies?


    The answer is obvious. Continuing to pay for military might and funding endless wars cannot accomplish what giving hostile countries much-needed progress can, such as offering them the same necessities and infrastructures that we enjoy such as running water, plumbing, sewer systems, electricity, homes, streets, highways, and education, or whatever is needed for them to become assets to the global community.


    The world has experienced over 160 major wars, beginning with the Conquest of Cyrus the Great in 549 B.C. These wars have resulted in a staggering minimum total of 356,377,600 deaths. This number of deaths equates to killing every American alive today and does not account for all the millions of deaths that occurred in wars previous to 549 B.C., and over 140 smaller wars that took place after 549 B.C., of which each killed less than 25,000 people. 


    Defense costs alone should have awakened us long ago, which have become major financial burdens worldwide. Total global military expenditure for 2019 is estimated to be at least $1.9 trillion! America alone has spent over $6 trillion on fighting terrorism since 9/11/2001. In 2019, our previous president signed a military spending bill of $738 billion; this is our defense budget for only one year. Other nations are in the same boat; their military spending costs could be better spent on changing the lives of millions rather than taking thousands of lives.

    Under our previous president's leadership, the United States dropped a massive bomb an average of every 12 minutes, or 44,096 bombs a year. What does this cost the average American per day? What could we have done with this expenditure rather than killing our "perceived enemies?” We could have brought about limitless amounts of change, including bringing technological advancements into the lives of our adversaries instead of bombing them into submission, which never produces the desired result. 


    Our current administration has determined that the time has come to end all wars. Now we must sway the world's population to follow in our footsteps and convince the remainder of the world's governments to do the same. Why is it that the leaders of some nations desire to conquer, dominate, and rule the world? This insanity has been occurring since the dawn of time! Such quests for world ascendancy must come to an end before escalations destroy the entire world.


    The world’s population has forgotten how horrific nuclear war would be. As time passes, the threat of global nuclear war seems to fade into the back of our minds. We wrongly assume that our governments have enough sense to avoid plunging us into a nuclear war. If this was the case, the world's governments would have denuclearized long ago. Instead, we have the opposite. We have nations like North Korea and Iran working on becoming nuclear powers. 


    There are nine countries that hold nearly 16,000 nuclear weapons. This is enough destructive power to destroy the world at least ten times over. The time has come to reverse course; all nuclear powers must work together and ensure that every country is rapidly and concurrently deescalating its arsenal of nuclear weapons. It is an absolute miracle that we have not already ended all life on Earth.  


    President Biden and Vladimir Putin recently met at the Geneva summit in Switzerland. They agreed that we needed "strategic stability" and that consultations on nuclear arsenals would resume. Strategic stability is not stable at all when both countries possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over. Once all dictators, autocrats, and authoritarians are removed from the world scene, we can rapidly eliminate all traces of nuclear weapons and remove the threat of an apocalyptic war occurring that destroys all life on Earth and blows the planet to pieces.


    If everyone knew what war truly entails and they experienced the trauma of war themselves, there most likely wouldn't be any new armed conflicts. Everyone should take the time to watch a riveting three-part History Channel mini-series on YouTube called, "The World Wars." This series plays like a movie, where you become involved with individual characters and witness both what the soldiers in the trenches, jungles, and battlefields and the civilians back in their home countries endured. The series is extremely captivating and keeps you on the edge of your seat; you will repeatedly find yourself extremely tense during the action scenes, and your heart will bleed for all of the people who fought for our freedoms and their countries.


    Until we visualize the horrors of these two world wars and comprehend what parts each character in a cast of millions played in its sequences of events, we cannot fully understand what being in a war zone is like. Episode one is entitled "A British Soldier Spares Hitler's Life"; episode two is called "Hitler Seizes Control of Germany"; episode three was named "The Battle of Midway." The titles are generalizations that refer to a specific event that occurred during the two world wars.


    The cast of characters in this six-hour mini-series includes U.S. Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, Italy's Prime Minister Mussolini, German leaders Hitler, Stalin, Goring, Goebbels, and Himmler, Japan's Emperor Hirohito, France's President de Gaulle, and the UK's Prime Minister Churchill. The events that led to WWII are now reoccurring again and must be stopped in their tracks. If we do not impose changes soon, there will be another world war. If the world's dictators are not ousted soon, these power-hungry men will continue to spread communism around the world as the Germans did in WWII. We cannot afford to procrastinate. Democracies around the globe are now in jeopardy of falling into authoritarian rule. 


    Another world war must be envisioned and thwarted. First, WWIII would not be "warm weather Middle East war games," our troops would be fighting battles throughout Europe's winters and in Asia's jungles like they were forced to do in Vietnam. Secondly, most Americans don't have a clue about what Americans here at home went through and what they sacrificed for the war effort; everyone did their part. Industries converted their factories into places where they built thousands of planes, tanks, and weapons of war. Almost every able-bodied man was eligible for the draft; over 116,000 Americans died in WWI, and more than 418,000 Americans died while fighting WWII.


    Would we all like to experience these hardships soon? Shall we all interrupt our daily lives to fend off communist invasions and fight a world war that could last for who knows how many years or decades? What happens if the "enemy" wins the third world war? Would most of the world be destroyed? If all dictators remain in power, this will occur sooner than later.


    Wouldn't it be much easier for everyone to take the time now to embolden the exploited citizens of these oppressed nations rather than fighting another world war later? Watching the World War series mentioned above will quickly sway your opinion. The world's citizens are damn sick and tired of war. Corrupt power-hungry leaders may not be, but we commoners are. Once all authoritarians are eradicated, wars will rapidly cease to exist; peace and prosperity would take their place.

    Clearly, we cannot suddenly withdraw from all conflicts. Ceasefires could be arranged and de-escalations could begin with assistance from the global community. Resolutions could then be adopted by each nation to transform their military into a workforce that initiates the procedure of bringing progress and many new advancements into the lives of their citizens. After these measures are enacted, the size of every military around the globe would rapidly diminish each year. Money previously spent on excessive military expenses would instead be used to rebuild our world from the ground up. 

    It must be stated that opposition to resolving the world's conflicts will be strong. Big business interests here in the U.S. and abroad who profit from building weapons and arms do not want all wars to end. They would rather see our country's sons and daughters fight wars forever as they profit billions every year. These selfish profiteers must comprehend that as soon as all 51 dictators are expelled from their country's governments and peace replaces wars, defense spending around the globe will decrease each year. 


    Once all wars end, the world’s militaries would greatly diminish their number of members and unite for one common cause — to maintain world peace as one unified police presence. Many regions throughout the world host radical militants and barbaric mercenaries who pillage and plunder as a way of life. These people are a product of their societies and can be taught, rehabilitated, and transformed into assets for their communities. If not, they would be eradicated like most of ISIS was. This could be one final mission for the world’s militaries. If a threat ever arose anywhere in the world again, it could be swiftly addressed by the armies of every nation as a collective force of one.

    Many countries are overrun with hostile groups like the Taliban, most of which are in the Middle East. Obviously, these countries fall into a different category than more technologically advanced nations. A variety of strategies are at our disposal and could be implemented in nations such as these, according to what challenges oppose enactment of what plans.


    It becomes clear that not all countries could benefit from standard approaches, but bringing progress into the lives of militants such as the Taliban will alter their outlook. This is occurring now as the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan. They see the progress that the U.S. brought to the country in the last twenty years, and they may slowly adapt to being a more civilized group. They will quickly discover that this is not the same nation they were expelled from two decades ago.

Our World's Space Race


    Once we end all wars and our governments are working together to bring about world peace, our world’s space race must also come to an end. Not space exploration, but the race to become dominant in space. Imagine a hostile government  who is committed to taking warmongering to a new level  positioning weapons of mass destruction into orbit around the Earth. Whichever country commanded outer space first would control the world? This does not sound like a good prospect by any means, and the possibility of this occurring must end now. 


    Nations are currently hiding their technologies from each other; each nation fearful of the other gaining scientific knowledge that may be used against the other; each nation plotting to dominate the others in space. If all warmongering ended around the world, so would the quest for military dominance in space. All nations could share their technologies rather than hiding them in fear of their perceived enemies using this knowledge against their own country


    Information and technologies are also being hidden from the public. NASA and other country’s space agencies cloud many of their missions in secrecy, concerned that government secrets may be revealed. As one example, China recently launched a secretive mission to Mars — the United States has also performed many covert missions. If the world’s citizens are footing the bills for space research and exploration, shouldn’t we at least be in the loop on what is being done and what we are discovering? If we all unite together to fight for a common cause for all of humanity, secrecy between nations would be a concept of the distant past. 


    Imagine a world where all technology is shared equally in hopes of making advancements that benefit every person on the planet, instead of the secrecy now needed to prevent one country from dominating another in space. The race to control space must end; space belongs to everyone. We must join forces with all countries to make one true “United Space Force."


    As a side note, the Pentagon recently released three videos of Navy fighter jet pilots chasing fleets of "alien" spacecraft near the east and west coasts of the United States; the videos can be seen and heard on YouTube. Other instances of mass sightings that are well documented and were caught on film or video include an incident on the night of March 13th, 1997, where the skies of Phoenix, Arizona were filled with V-shaped spacecraft. These UFOs were filmed by local TV stations and literally thousands of people. In March of 2010, pulsating lights flew over the night skies of Cleveland, Ohio for eleven consecutive nights and were all caught on video.


     On February 25th, 1942, an enormous UFO hovered over the morning skies of Los Angeles, now known as "the Battle of Los Angeles." While sirens blared and searchlights scanned the skies, 1,440 anti-aircraft shells were discharged at the object for three long hours as Angelenos cringed in fear and amazement; not one of the shells phased the spacecraft's "force field." Since the incident occurred only three months into the beginning of WWII, people perceived the colossal object as being some type of Japanese warship that had come to attack the United States.


    If advanced lifeforms do exist in our galaxy or the universe — which our intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, astronauts, astrophysicists, and scientists say is a certainty — these highly advanced beings would never allow us to join their intergalactic communities until we become more civilized and end all armed conflicts around the world. Some people will say that this topic doesn't belong on this site; it does. Scientists say that we have now exceeded the tipping point on climate change and that utilizing help from extraterrestrial technologies may be the only way we can reverse the damage that humanity has inflicted upon the planet, its environment, and its ecosystems.  

Conclusion on Ending all Wars


    There must be better ways to address our differences than killing each other; we are intelligent enough to create solutions that eradicate the senselessness of wars and broker peace instead of sending our sons and daughters to war. Once all dictators are ousted from power, citizens of all nations around the world must integrate their countries into a new world order of peace and prosperity.


    When we think of war, we must envision the faces of the children that are caught in the middle of these conflicts and feel the pain of the youth involved as if they were our very own offspring. Imagine being one of these hungry children as their homes are leveled by bombing raids and their siblings, parents, family members, and friends die before their very eyes; then envision living with these lifelong mental scars. 


    How many soldiers say that when they get home after fighting a war, they want nothing more than to find a peaceful place to escape the horrid barbarities that they were forced to endure? War is hell on earth. We can set a date to end all wars, and as a global collective, we can do whatever is necessary to prepare for that upcoming date. Once we set a predetermined date for the implementation of our strategies and complete our tasks, this date would be celebrated in future years and remembered as a day of great significance. We are the world's and the planet's only hope — and we shall succeed.

    Transforming the world will be a monumental task, but the ramifications of COVID have shown us that now is the correct time to initiate this goal. We must all assist in transforming the strategies on this site into realities. Humanity, all life on Earth, and the planet's environment and ecosystems are counting on all of us. As stated previously, failure is not an option and we will succeed.


    Please continue onward to the "Other Pressing Issues" page, where much-needed changes in many areas are discussed, from addressing global warming and climate change — its causes and solutions — to the trashing of our oceans, higher education, overpopulation of the world, prison reform, overhauling our healthcare systems, our country's drug problem, our voting systems, and reparations for the inhumane treatment of Native American Indians and African Americans.

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