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Changing The World For The Better

Meditation in Forest

"You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion

to reach for the stars to change the world."

 — American abolitionist Harriet Tubman



    Many of us are disillusioned, embittered, and disappointed in the direction the world is headed; progress is not only slow to come, but advancements have reversed course in recent years. We can no longer sit idly by as the world's democracies crumble to dust and the planet’s environment and its ecosystems are trashed for monetary gain. So many crises are plaguing humanity and Mother Earth; we must unite the world’s population to undertake and resolve these dilemmas  now.


    Imagine a world where wars are thought of as barbarities from the past; a place where every nation works together for the mutual benefit of us all. Envision a world without authoritarians and dictators, where every citizen is free to become a part of their country’s leadership. Picture a way of life where all races live in harmony, where everyone treats each other with respect, we all see each other as equals, and all lives truly do matter. Conceptualize a world where the world's governments work in unison instead of secrecy, and nothing is hidden from their citizens or other nations.


    Visualize a planet with pristine skies, where our oceans, lands, lakes, and waterways are free of pollution and garbage; a globe that is no longer overpopulated to the point that our population exceeds the resources that our Earth has to offer; a world where every human being has access to the basic necessities that we take for granted. If you dream of a world such as this like most of us do — you are not alone  and you too can assist in transforming these dreams into realities.


The Issues

    Billions of concerned citizens around the globe are at their wits’ end. We are all absolutely sick and tired of the persisting problems of the world such as the ongoing destruction of the planet’s environment and its ecosystems, unchecked corruption throughout the governments of the world, reoccurring civil rights and social injustices, dictators, never-ending wars, poverty, and lack of proper education — the list is endless.


    Ramifications from COVID have now shown us that extensive worldwide change is far overdue. The time has come to unveil plans that reveal a new way of life for the entire world, and we need to implement these concepts immediately. COVID has shown us the vulnerabilities of our current systems, and that uniting the world’s citizens rather than dividing us makes for a better world. Initiating new ideas and tactics at this juncture in history could easily develop into a wildfire of change that sweeps the globe. 


    Now that our nation has rejoined the world in addressing and resolving the injustices that are occurring around the globe  including climate change, conflicts and wars, and ruthless dictators desperately trying to cling onto power our current administration will be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing a worldwide movement with the goal of bringing the world's people together as one family. Others like Vladimir Putin of Russia will fear our "evolution." Putin and other so-called "leaders" will not appreciate our first plan of action, which is eradicating the world of its dictators and autocrats in only two days.


    Some people will say that now is not the appropriate time to meet the challenge of tackling world peace and installing historic change. They will suggest that we must first concentrate on eradicating COVID-19. But this notion is dead wrong. Now is precisely the right moment to initiate monumental changes. George Floyd’s death is only one case in point; now is unquestionably the proper time to make drastic changes in policing and advancements in civil rights that the world has desperately craved for over a hundred years. 


    As a result of the protesting, extensive changes in civil rights have already been implemented in many states around the nation, and more will follow. In reference to Mississippi banning the Confederate flag from their state flag, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stated, “We are living in a time that feels very grim. I know it can feel hopeless, but if that big of a change turns out was really to happen in Mississippi, what else could change right now? What else is possible?” Maddow is a liberal, but resolving the world's problems is a bipartisan issue. Both conservatives and liberals must put their disparities aside and join hands in order to alter the world's current course to self-destruction.


    We all know that extensive change is not only possible, but it is inevitable. With assistance from everyone who reads this document, we can indeed change the ways of our world  forever. Have confidence that we can bring about much-needed change if we unite and act now. A saying from Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court William J. Brennan, Jr. comes to mind. Brennan said that “We must meet the challenge rather than wish it were not before us.”

The Solutions


     Mending the problems of the world starts with announcing that major worldwide reforms are not only needed, but they are absolutely necessary and required at this specific point in time. Like our forefathers who designed our Constitution’s framework achieved long ago, we must now implement innovative ideas that will alter our country’s and the world’s destinies. We must once again become the leaders of the world and announce that on one single predetermined day, the vast majority of Americans and the world’s population will band together and carry out worldwide changes. Our first mission must be expelling all 51 dictators from around the globe. Utilizing the strategies that are revealed on the site's "Expelling Dictators" page, the world's citizens can oust all the world's dictators in only two days.


    The years 2021 and 2022 must go down in history as the years that the citizens of the U.S. reclaimed their standing as world leaders, and all nations around the globe must take control of their futures. We are facing an altered world after witnessing COVID, we have now seen that when nations around the world work together it benefits us all, and we are all sick and tired of letting autocrats, dictators, corporations, and corrupt leaders control the world stage. We must immediately rise to the occasion to confront all of these issues, and we must address them simultaneously.


    We citizens have become hypnotized like a world full of passive mindless robots, where it seems like the voice of one person is drowned out by the masses and cannot make a difference. We must refuse to accept this ideology; look at what Greta Thunberg did to bring climate change to the forefront of the news. Each and every one of us can and must help change the way our governments operate, and we require people such as you to help promote our movement. The time for major worldwide transformation is now upon us.

     On one specified predetermined day, many transitions must simultaneously begin in regions throughout the world. This date could be set at any time. Americans are multi-tasking, inventive problem solvers, and once a date for world change is set, the wheels of change would begin to roll. As we have proven in the past, when we work together as a team with other countries in a worldwide effort, we can solve every problem that stands in our way of bringing about world peace and prosperity for all.


     We have become accustomed to slowly introducing changes and addressing issues separately. If we continue to do so, massive change will never occur. We are running out of time to save the planet and democracy if it is not too late already. We do not have time to putter about; many issues must be introduced concurrently, calculated, diagnosed, resolutions formed, and then announcements made stating that all changes will be implemented on one specific day with the assistance of citizens from every nation around the globe.


    People around the globe who are governed by dictatorships and authoritarian rule harbor a sense of entrapment and feel utterly powerless to enact change. Their citizens and military personnel alike are afraid to step out of line for fear of retaliation, imprisonment, or even death. This is precisely why we must set a predetermined date for action. These people must gain a sense of empowerment as part of a collective unit that knows that they will be working in cooperation as a worldwide team effort in order to bring about monumental change.


    Citizens of all oppressed countries must not only know that the United States has their backs, but that the world’s population will also be supporting them and working together in a united endeavor to bring about the changes they have craved their whole lives, and that these needed changes will be implemented on one predetermined date. If we do not initiate worldwide change on a specific predetermined date, the many transformations the world’s citizens require will never materialize. Once the world's population begins promoting our evolution, we must act swiftly. Authoritarians must not be given time to plan a defense.

    We are sending astronauts to the moon, inhabiting a space station that orbits our planet, and flying a helicopter on Mars. We are dispatching spacecraft far into the galaxy and receiving back images that expand our understanding of the universe, but authoritarians continue to dehumanize their country’s citizens, we cannot stop killing each other in endless wars, the trashing of our only planet continues yearly, and we cannot feed and house our hungry and homeless. We are advanced enough to remedy these dilemmas; we simply need to muster the collective will and strength to begin the implementation of necessary change.


    We are trashing the planet and will soon exceed a tipping point — a point of no return — where the damage we have inflicted upon the Earth cannot be reversed. We must revise our ways of thinking about how we treat Mother Earth, not only for ourselves but for our grandchildren; our future generations are all that matters — selfishness and greed must go. The wealthy control our political systems, and they use the common folk of America as pawns. Many politicians place monetary gain over the well-being of their own constituents, the world, and the planet; as such, money and greed must be removed from our politics.  


    We now have an aspiring dictator and ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin who recently enacted new laws to extend his own presidency by several years dreaming of supreme power and world dominance. Putin rules by murder and force, while invading other countries and installing puppets into governments around the globe to accomplish his goals. Corrupt tyrants such as multi-billionaire Vladimir Putin pillage what they can and use their common folk as sheep; these corrupt world leaders must be dethroned or expelled, and the world's population can accomplish this mission in only two days. 


    Due to the impacts of COVID, we have observed that the purification of our atmosphere is not simply a dream; we have recently viewed progress with our own eyes. We must now continue our headway by taking even further actions to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. We have witnessed the need for healthcare that is paid for by the commonwealth; every industrialized nation in the world benefits from universal healthcare except for us. If other countries can make single-payer universal healthcare systems work and their costs are much less with far better results, we can do the same. 


    We must first address the main issues that have been plaguing the country and the world for decades, such as dictators, autocrats, and wars; climate change, deforestation, and pollution; the trashing of our planet’s oceans, atmosphere, freshwater resources, lands, environment, and its ecosystems; the eradication of 60% of higher life forms since 1970; wars, racism, overpopulation of the world, and communism. Then we can work on secondary issues like our outdated and divisive political systems, the abuses of America’s capitalistic healthcare system, and the lack of access to affordable higher education. Solutions exist for all of these problems; we are simply missing the unified resolve to administer them.


    In order to expand the strategies and solutions presented on this site, many people around the globe must become involved in brainstorming new ideas. Think tanks must be created in order to envision the possible ramifications of carrying out our new plans. Citizens with organizational skills must join the mix. Former government officials and well-known activists could help lead the cavalry’s charge in both our country and others. All peoples of the world must join in protesting for change.

    Please keep in mind that worldwide change is not only possible, but it is inevitable. World peace will occur someday when the world's population becomes more enlightened and open to the possibilities envisioned on this site. Let's make that day come much sooner; failure is not an option — the planet, all its creations, and our future generations depend on our successes. Let's not disappoint them and ourselves.

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